Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Standards, moral relativists

Now we'll argue about this.

"We've always conceded that the 'old man' handled it badly. But he was not brought down by a band of angels. He was brought down by a band of Nixon-haters ... and whom we now learn used a snake in the FBI," Buchanan said in an interview. "This is basically a battle over history and a battle over truth," Buchanan said.

Clearly, Pat Buchanan is a moral relativist who doesn't believe in objective truth or absolute standards. For Buchanan, there is one set of rules for people in power, like himself and Nixon, and another for everyone else. If a black man is caught with an ounce of drugs, he's done; but if Nixon murders people around the globe in the name of freedom and hatches elaborate conspiracies to get elected, he "handled it badly" and was brought down by snake-wielding haters--haters using FBI snakes--herpetological haters savagely snaking naive Nixon.

Buchanan needs to shut the hell up.


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