Monday, May 23, 2005

Shall I compare thee to a 1930s dictator?

Comparisons to Hitler are not confined to liberals--everybody does it. Here's what I imagine good Dr. Frist and underdog Harry Reid are saying to each other behind closed doors today.

Frist: You know, your blocking of our judges is sort of Hitlerian.
Reid: The way you're trying to get rid of the filibuster? That's like when Hitler annexed Czechoslovakia.
Frist: You obstructionist liberals are all a bunch of Nazis--your obstructionism is essentially Nazism.
Reid: You conservatives--your meteoric rise to power in this post-Clinton era reminds me of another person's meteoric rise to power--HITLER'S.
Frist: That suit makes you look like Hitler.
Reid: Shut up.


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