Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Democrats (or our lack thereof)

Lately, Democrats are criticized endlessly in newspapers and in blogs, by the very people who vote for them. In a column the other day, Ted Rall said this:

"As usual, Democrats don't have much to say at all."

On the Daily Show the other night, Jon Stewart said that when it comes to immigration, the Democrats are hiding in a corner praying that no one asks them what they think.

It's all true--from the New Republic to the Village Voice to the New York Times to this blog to Harry and Maude in Wisconsin, you hear the same thing: the Republicans are badong on nearly everything; and the Democrats are an empty shell of a party with no agenda (on the federal level.)

My question: why? And I don't mean why, as in

redhurtmachine: the democrats are stupid liberals

I mean why, as in, what do Harry Reid and Barack Obama talk about with their wives at night? What are they thinking? Are they cleverly triangulating? Are they trying to block even more damage by a Republican administration, and then move in when it's their turn? What?

What do you all think?

In the meantime, keep "tragic Target shoppers" going. There's got to be more to say.


At 8:11 PM, Anonymous minor prophet said...

I think it all has something to do with 9-11. Democrats sincerely backed the early Bush/Republican response, the invasion of Afghanistan and attempt to capture or kill Osama bin Laden. Later on, Bush and his party hijacked 9-11 rhetoric, symbolism and meaning for a number of purposes unrelated to the attack on America itself.

Democrats are flummoxed. Bush wrapped himself in 9-11 so hard that they don't know how to challenge him without being called unpatriotic, supportive of America's enemies, what-have-you. There are exceptions--Sen. Byrd all along, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry now though not during his presidential campaign so much, Joe Biden at various times. And there are the other kind of exceptions, Lieberman who honestly backs Bush on foreign policy. Harry Reid? Flummoxed. Hilary Clinton? Trying to triangulate, not looking all that good doing it.


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