Tuesday, July 26, 2005

MSM: tastes great, less filling

Wonkette alerted me to this gem of a column from Washington Post columnist Art Buchwald.

"I just read that the Greensboro News & Record will permit readers to write their own editorials and contributions on the paper's Web site. With the readers blogging their stories, the newspaper is truly a "voice of the people." I have given much thought to this. Suppose a reader wants to write a column like this one. I can help him. Just fill in the blanks and you can make it anything you want it to be."

As Wonkette points out, "The Post "humorist" is "spoofing" the gimmicky reader-participation stunts newspapers use to boost reader interest in a sagging market. Of course, the gimmick-mimicking becomes a tedious gimmick itself in no time flat." Wonkette ends up thinking it was sort of funny--but I'm sort of mad that the WP would have a columnist on hand who, in making fun of bloggers, (1) isn't funny and (2) has no content whatsoever.

This further proves my point that the MSM is defined not by liberal bias but by lack of analysis. If the MSM were a supreme court justice, they'd be Sandra Day O'Connor--wrong every single time.


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